Christopher Keavy - Head of Schools

Christopher Keavy
Head of School

St. John Paul II
High School

St. Francis Xavier
Preparatory School

May 29, 2016

Get the Picture

Scholars who achieve at the highest levels are named National Merit students. Similarly, student-athletes are named league all-stars and performers take their turn on stage. But for top visual arts students, wider recognition can be more elusive. Under the radar, two students have earned top level recognition for excellence in visual arts and this testifies to their hard work, talent, and the excellence of their teachers, Mrs. Mills and Mrs. Finan.

Take Ben Shiffer, current grade eight students at SFXP. After receiving two Scholastic Art Gold Keys in Boston, Ben has now received two National Medals – one Gold Medal and one Silver Medal. Ben has been invited to two days of events in New York City, culminating in receiving his Gold Medal at Carnegie Hall. On June 2, the Empire State Building will be lit up in Gold to honor the Gold medalists. Ben’s Gold Medal work, Self-Portrait, is pictured above. 

SFXP Alum and current JPII junior Nick Glaser is garnering recognition as the top student artist on Cape. Nick won the grand prize in the Cape Cod Life Annual Issue contest and had two paintings published.  He will also be profiled in an upcoming July issue of Cape Cod Life Arts edition as an “emerging artist.”  Click here for some of Nick’s featured artwork.

Our school excels in visual arts thanks to talented teachers and impressive students. Ben and Nick’s recent accomplishments show us just how much.

Sep 19, 2010

Your Shot At Immortality

Cross Talk

your pencils and stoke your creativity for this once in a (school)
lifetime opportunity — This year, JPII will hold a contest to write
the lyrics to the school's Alma Mater Hymn.

to accompany lyrics will be written by Mr. Mark Girardin. The contest
is open to anyone who has a connection to Pope John Paul II High
School whether as a student, faculty or staff member, or friend.
Please submit a typed copy of the proposed lyrics by January 15,
2011. Attach a separate card with the author's name and address.


  •  Lyrics
    must be original.

  • The
    Alma Mater should sound like a hymn, or a dignified, ceremonial
    piece of music. Lyrics should reflect the school’s mission/vision
    and should not be longer than two (2) minutes.

  • Lyrics
    will be judged on the choice of “singable” words, metric
    fluidity, integrity, unity, and relevance to the theme.

  • Once
    the winning lyrics have been chosen, the school will compose
    appropriate music. Lyrics may be altered or amended at this point
    and are the property of the school. Multiple winning entries may be
    selected for the purpose of combination.

  • Appropriate
    recognition and prizes will be awarded to the winning author(s).

  • All
    entries will remain the property of the school. Lyric writers
    understand that their submissions may be altered or amended.

  • Anyone
    wishing more information may email

May 15, 2010

Well-Assembled From Top To Bottom

Cross Talk

Tight, visually strong, well-acted, funny…you get the idea. Go tonight (7:30 PM) or Sunday (3:00 PM).

Poster email


Apr 17, 2010

What It Takes

Cross Talk

Two events this past week at JPII have caused me to think about what it takes.

After a successful first season in football and in the midst of his second (successful) campaign in baseball, JPII coach Paul 'Spanky" Demanche announced his departure to assume new duties at Harwich High School. Later, officials of the newly formed Cape & Islands League selected the graphics package submitted by Emily Fenuccio as the league's official logo image. These occurrences help us see that JPII's graphic design, football, and baseball programs have achieved success at an early age.

From these, we get a glimpse of what it takes. Programs need the right combination of factors in order to "take off" — a lesson we learn through successes such as these (as well as the occasional slightly-less-than-success!). It takes:

  • Right materials and support (Have you seen the Mac lab?)
  • Right leadership (expert knowledge and strong communication, traits Mrs. Lyons and Coach Demanche share)
  • Right attitude ("This is something I want.")

No guarantee yet, though, because the 'actually doing it' of a new enterprise converts vaguely dreamy notions to the work it really is ("This isn't what I expected!"). So the critical fourth component:

  • Right commitment. Starting from scratch takes a stick-to-it-iveness from all involved in order to get past inevitable early struggles.

So this week I've been looking at football, graphics, and baseball and seeing what it takes. Launching new programs provides a laboratory; and for JPII students, the hard-earned knowledge of what it takes gives wisdom for a lifetime.

Jan 10, 2010

Great Words

Cross Talk

"The course of love never did run smooth…

If there were a sympathy in choice,

War, death , or sickness did lay siege to it,

Making it momentany as a sound,

Swift as a shadow, short as any dream,

Brief as the lightening in the collied night,

That, in a spleen, unfolds both heaven and earth,

And, ere a man hath power to say "Behold!"

The jaws of darkness do devour it up.

So quick bright things come to confusion."



JPII Performing Arts has selected William Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream as it 2010 Spring production. It's a good choice and JPII thespians are excited.

Last year's production of Godspell was a huge success because of it's great music and the cast's obvious fun in presenting the show. This year, A Midsummer Night's Dream will showcase lots of zaniness and comedy — but musical performance will take a back seat. Why, then?

Simple: It's the words. Shakespearean language is a treasure-trove JPII thespians will come to know intimately well. Theatre education requires worthy content, be it the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Godspell, or the Bard's timeless words. Mark your calendars for some great words, and some great fun: May 14, 15, 16.

Dec 9, 2009

“Good King Wenceslas” at JPII

Cross Talk

Hope families and friends will be able to catch JPII Music, Dance, and Drama on Thursday, December 10 at 7 PM. Refreshments, provided by Parents Association, will follow. 

Take a look at the evening's program here: Download Christmasprogram09 3

Dec 1, 2009

Four JPII Visual Artists Recognized

Cross Talk

Works created by juniors Alissa Bergeron, Greta Bieg, Michael Burlingame, and Naiemeh Hadawar will be included in Art Visions, a Cape-wide student art exhibition to be held at the Cape Cod Museum of Art. An opening reception will be held at the Museum on Friday, December 4 from 5:30–7:30 PM. Congratulations to these four artists and to Mr. Michale Giaquinto, Painting and Design Instructor, for this recognition.

Ccmoa student art.tif

Aug 11, 2009

Ever Been to a CD Release Party?

Cross Talk

Friends of JPII Tripping Lily will release their first full-length CD at the school this Saturday, August 15 at 7:30 PM. TL CD cover

Should be a lot of fun…

May 30, 2009

Come Sing about Love!

Last night’s opening of Godspell was awesome…Friends of JPII or just good theatre — You must see this show!

Two shows left: Tonight at 7:30 PM and Sunday at 3:00 PM. Come and see the great things happening at JPII!

Aug 6, 2008

What We Did On Our Summer Vacation

Took a little vacation from regular postings about the progress of our school — but as you might imagine — there’s been no vacation from the literal and figurative construction of our growing school. Thanks for checking back!

Much has happened this summer to move our school forward. For example:

  • A very successful Relay for Life effort (over $1500 raised!)
  • A wonderful mini-production of The Music Man for over 250 guests at New Seabury Country Club
  • Our ‘welcome back/ meet the new teachers’ barbeque for over 150 people
  • The singing our our national anthem for a Cape League/ Hyannis Mets game at McKeon Park (Liz Rossi and Greta Bieg, pictured above)

And of course, there’s the large-scale, literal construction taking place creating our chemistry lab, resurfacing exterior walls, and establishing the strength and fitness center/ locker room complex.

See you soon…

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