Christopher Keavy - Head of Schools

Christopher Keavy
Head of School

St. John Paul II
High School

St. Francis Xavier
Preparatory School

Words that Challenge and Inspire

Next week, JPII will hold the fourth Induction Ceremonies of the Our Lady, Star of the Sea Chapter of the National Honor Society. With this event, we strive for a thoughtful exercise not only meaningful for those inducted and their families but meaningful for all students, staff, and guests. To accomplish this, we seek guest Read more…

That’s A Wrap

Today was a bittersweet day as seniors finished up exams, cleaned-out lockers, received yearbooks, and passed their last school day as JPII students. Bittersweet because the tremendous familiarity and closeness that we share with these 27 students (and families!) has made them essential fabric in the life of the school and we now glimpse life Read more…

St. John Paul II High School Cross Talk

JPII Lyceum?

It's been a long-time desire of mine to teach philosophy since taking my Master's degree in the subject from Boston College. This current year, with the addition of Introduction to Western Philosophy to the JPII curriculum, I get my chance and am having a blast. The value of philosophy was reinforced at a forum on Read more…

St. John Paul II High School Cross Talk

JPII Loses A Friend

Rev. George O'Brien, a priest of the Diocese of Worcester, former Development Director at the College of the Holy Cross, Cape resident, and early and ardent supporter of Pope John Paul II High School, died on Tuesday afternoon after a battle with cancer.  Fr. George celebrated the first Mass ever at Pope John Paul II Read more…

Nice Party!

Saturday’s NEASC accreditation celebration was a warm, wonderful evening. Many thanks to Elaine McCarthy, her corps of volunteers and donors, and Corpus Christi Church for the gracious use of the Skylight Room. The space was beautiful, food abundant, and  good cheer and sincere congratulations for a school milestone prevailed. View the handsome Celebration Booklet here. Mr. Keavy’s Read more…

These Are The People That Teach JPII Students

Allow me to brag about something that strikes me, truthfully, on a regular basis — that the JPII experience is one of unusually high teacher quality. Sounds kind of formal when put that way, though. Instead, here’s something about two JPII teachers that you may not know. Mr. Alan Lynch, Campus Minister & Theology (and Spanish!) Teacher, recently led Read more…

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Having Fun and Doing Good

That's the formula. Not 'Either/Or' — but 'Both/And'. Starting on Sunday, JPII students and staff are set to have a lot of fun with Spirit Week and its various competitions, activities, and themed-days. Amidst the week of fun is also our chance to do good. Students will compete to raise money for the Haitian Health Read more…

St. John Paul II High School Cross Talk

Gaining Speed and Strength

Its tough to single out one program/activity for special praise at a time when so much at JPII is clicking. But what we're seeing with Lions Cross-Country is all the right stuff and worthy of special note. Upperclass leadership is being rewarded with an increasingly competitive squad and interscholastic success. Underclass harriers are proving to Read more…

St. John Paul II High School Cross Talk

Give and Take

Getting ready to serve as Assistant Chairperson visiting Arlington Catholic High School for the school's NEASC (New England Association of Schools and Colleges) accreditation visit. While I'm not eager to be away from JPII for three full school days (esp. my Philosophy students!), the experience will provide a helpful vantage point for the NEASC visit Read more…

St. John Paul II High School Cross Talk

Your Shot At Immortality

Sharpen your pencils and stoke your creativity for this once in a (school) lifetime opportunity — This year, JPII will hold a contest to write the lyrics to the school's Alma Mater Hymn. Music to accompany lyrics will be written by Mr. Mark Girardin. The contest is open to anyone who has a connection to Read more…

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