Christopher Keavy - Head of Schools

Christopher Keavy
Head of School

St. John Paul II
High School

St. Francis Xavier
Preparatory School


Get the Picture

Scholars who achieve at the highest levels are named National Merit students. Similarly, student-athletes are named league all-stars and performers take their turn on stage. But for top visual arts students, wider recognition can be more elusive. Under the radar, two students have earned top level recognition for excellence in visual arts and this testifies to their hard Read more…


Taking the Lead

Students respond with enthusiasm because it hits the ‘praxis’ between theory and practice, mission and action. Leadership Studies & Practicum, newly offered this year, gives seniors valuable, interdisciplinary insight and practice that they will take with them to campus and beyond. The new program, intentionally-limited to 10 students, is mission-driven, practical, relevant, and exciting for Read more…

Stations 2016

Spiritual Leadership

Developing student leadership is a core aspect of the JPII & SFXP program. We do this by providing multiple and frequent opportunities for students to act and lead and therefore grow in confidence and leadership. This means spiritual leadership, too. Two recent prayer services show the growth and spiritual maturity that our student are developing. SFXP’s Read more…


A Man Worth Noticing

Typically, institutions’ part-time, evening custodians go unnoticed. JPII & SFXP’s Mike McManus has a quiet, unassuming demeanor that virtually guarantees this. He doesn’t make speeches, deliver lectures, win games, or write blog posts. He cleans the restrooms, hallways, and locker rooms in our buildings. Yet Mike McManus is a man I respect and admire and Read more…

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Lessons from 1796 to 1996 to 2016

Parents able to attend our SFXP Second Quarter Honors Breakfast were richly rewarded by the inspiring words of SFXP founding Pastor, Rev. Edward Byington. Rev. Byington’s visit commemorates the twenty year anniversary of our 1996 founding. Yet while no one would fault Rev. Byington had he taken a trip down memory lane; instead, he took the Read more…


Define Your Terms

In our Introduction to Western Philosophy course, we read Plato’s Euthphryo and Plato’s Meno, two dialogues that show the importance that Socrates places on defining the basic terms we use. This thought came to mind recently when I was at a meeting where, when considering the advent of distance, online, for-profit, and other new and Read more…


Not The Whole Story

The following message was sent on Tuesday to the Editors WickedLocal Cape Cod: To the Editor: The following is written in reference to “OUR PICKS: Top SAT Scores on Cape Cod ,” which was posted to Wicked Local Cape Cod on March 19.   The post lists what is stated to be the “top high schools on Cape Read more…


Casual but Not-So-Casual

Funny thing happened during a local running event recently. During a long run, I fell into sync with a pair of runners and we started casual conversation. One runner holds an interesting position in the community and was gracious as I peppered him with questions. Naturally, he asked what I did, and I was happy Read more…


Catholic Schools: Battle-Tested

Cape Cod presents a competitive educational landscape, and this is a good thing. Public, public charter, vocational, private, and Catholic school options enable families to reflect upon what type of education they truly desire for their children. Aside from school leaders’ occasional sleepless nights, we likely all agree that competition forces our schools to sharpen Read more…

Man or the woman (the stations)

Man (or Woman) the Stations

In the short history of the Our Lady of Fatima Chapel, three sets of ‘Stations of the Cross’ have adorned the walls. In our first year, a set rescued from another Diocesan entity was installed, then, nearly as quickly, taken away. Second, a generous donor and JPII family purchased stations which have held us in Read more…

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