Christopher Keavy - Head of Schools

Christopher Keavy
Head of School

St. John Paul II
High School

St. Francis Xavier
Preparatory School

Mar 24, 2015

Not The Whole Story

The following message was sent on Tuesday to the Editors WickedLocal Cape Cod:
To the Editor:
The following is written in reference to “OUR PICKS: Top SAT Scores on Cape Cod ,” which was posted to Wicked Local Cape Cod on March 19.
The post lists what is stated to be the “top high schools on Cape Cod ranked by 2013-2014 SAT scores.” In fact, St. John Paul II High School’s 2013-2014 SAT mean scores total 1661 (Reading=553, Mathematics=553, Writing=555) , which is higher than the high schools listed. It appears that a decision was made to list public high schools only;  however, in fairness to the students and teachers who worked for these results, a complete listing of schools is warranted. 
Thank you, 
Christopher W. Keavy
Head of School


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