Christopher Keavy - Head of Schools

Christopher Keavy
Head of School

St. John Paul II
High School

St. Francis Xavier
Preparatory School

Apr 4, 2016

Taking the Lead

Students respond with enthusiasm because it hits the ‘praxis’ between theory and practice, mission and action.

Leadership Studies & Practicum, newly offered this year, gives seniors valuable, interdisciplinary insight and practice that they will take with them to campus and beyond. The new program, intentionally-limited to 10 students, is mission-driven, practical, relevant, and exciting for students and staff alike.

In the first semester, Leadership Studies is taught in the traditional classroom setting. Students learn leadership theories, skills, and perspectives enhanced when, each week, a community leader is brought to class to share his/her leadership experiences and insights. These weekly presentations have brought some of the Cape’s top leaders into a powerful conversation on leadership. Such speakers include leaders from Cape Cod Healthcare, the Cape Cod Times, Cape Cod Young Professionals, and Heritage Museum and Gardens, to name a few.

Leadership Practicum takes center stage in the second semester as students work on leadership projects in community agencies and organizations. This allows students to practice the lessons of Leadership Studies and also provides powerful real-world experience.  Right now, Leadership Practicum projects are taking place in organizations such as the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce, Barnstable Town Hall, the Cape Cod Conservatory, and Cape Cod Life.

Next year, the school will expand the program to 16 students. You’d be proud of this first group whose insights and hard work have set the program on strong footing. Mrs. Karen Godfrey, Program Coordinator, is a gem whose teaching, administrative, and leadership experience, coupled with her strong desire to make this an A+ program, make it plain that we’re in good hands. This is something you’ll want your sons and daughters to get in on.

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